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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Go to Songs & Why I Choose Them

Well I choose this one, and I don't know why I choose it. I listen to soooo many different songs, but who know's if you are like me, maybe you'll understand... Who knows, but here we go, here are my current, and all time FAVORITES, in no particular order.

FAVORTIES OF ALL TIME... Neither of us have the time to tell you each and every favorite song I have by these artists.
Bon Jovi (Mainly their older stuff)
Billy Squire
Brantley Gilbert
Randy Travis
Renegade by Styx

On my repeat playlist right now:
1. Ex's and Oh's by  Elle King
2. Where the Devil Don't Go by Elle King
3. Don't by Ed Sheeran
4. Holy by Flordia Georgia Line
5. Record Year by Eric Church
6. Just like Fire by Pink
7. I love the way you lie Eminem and Rihanana
8. Everybody wants to Rule the World by Lorde
9. Fate Trans- Siberian Orchestra
10. Her Name is Alice 3OH!O
11. Maps by Maroon 5
12. Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae
13. Empire by Shakira
14. Better Dig Two The Band Perry
15. Waiting for Superman by Daughtry
16. Traitor by Daughtry
17. I love this life by Locash
18. Angels Fall by Breaking Benjamin
19. Dance with the Devil Breaking Benjamin
20. You don't Know her Like I do by Brantley Gilbert

You can listen to this playlist here on Youtube: PLAYLIST
(No I'm not getting paid to post this lol)

A Habit I Wish I Didn't Have

My biggest bad habit is self doubt, and it's weird. I know what I am capable of, I know what I can and can't do and I will always be the first to admit that... However I literally find myself doubting everything I do lately. EVERY SINGLE THING. 

This habit of mine was getting out of control, however I decided in one of my ever so lovely lows that it needed to change. This isn't as easy as just changing my mindset though, it goes deeper than that. I have to change who I am around, and the people causing this. 

It's happening, I'm weaning off those who cause me to double take my every step, cause me to doubt what I truly believe I am good out, those who are the base of my insecurities. Whether directly, or indirectly, it's wreaking havoc on my life, and I can't have that. I can't be stressed about things that don't need to be stressed about for no reason.  

There are some things you can't change, some people you can't change, but what you can do is change the way you let them affect your life, and change the way you react to them.

I know this is all easier said than done, and it's no easy road, but you can't life your life doubting everything you do, and second guessing everything you love.


Okay guys sorry about that rant! But it's the honest truth, that is the BIGGEST bad habit I have, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! 

Monday, August 29, 2016

15 Facts about me

I took a look around pinterest and Instagram, and found some blog post topics I thought I would use!
 So over the next thirty days, i will be posting random blog posts! I hope you enjoy them!

#1 My life revolves around my kids, all three of them. Lewis is my youngest, at almost two, Emma is my oldest, she just turned 8, and then there's Kyle... AKA hubs. 

#2 I am indecisive, OCD, and Stubborn, but aside from that I'm a really easy person to get along with. 

#3 I delete negative things from my life. This is a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing. It's become something I do subconsciously. Example: Last weekend we went to Mohican, on Sunday we did the Arial adventures... I HATE heights, but I didn't realize how bad till I was standing on a rope, reaching for another, 20 feet above the ground... I was petrified. TOTALLY, I wanted down, and I thought it was bullshit! If it wasn't for my dad yelling at me from the other side, I would have given up... the thing about it now though, is I don't remember it. I couldn't tell you what I said, I couldn't tell you what was there, nothing, it's gone. Good/Bad I don't know.

#4 I watch at least ONE Harry Potter Movie a week. I don't sit and watch it always, but it plays in the background as I do other things. Obsessive.... Maybe.

#5. I LOVE being out in the woods, or in nature. I feel grounded, it recharges ever fiber of who I am. 

#6  I will read anything as long as it contains magic, or paranormal creatures. Now I will admit some SCI-FI Fantasy stories have made their way to by TBR list! 

#7 I am 25 years old. #FACT It's so funny to tell people my age. My friends and people I work for in the writing world never believe that I'm only 25, and they swear I am older... however in real life people tripple check my ID and don't believe I'm even 20.... I get carded EVERY time I do anything. 

#8 I LOVE cooking, I could cook all day, everyday. BUT on the flip side, I really don't like doing dishes.

#9 I married my high school sweet heart! 4/8/07 & 7/16/11

#10 The only holiday I decorate for is fall... Not Halloween FALL. It starts in September, and continues till the snow sticks.

#11 I can NOT stand the colors red and green together. They make me sick, it drives me crazy... EWE! (No this does not mean I don't like Christmas, I just don't like the colors... but Christmas is another rant all together!

#12 I would give up my life as I know it (power, internet, all the extras) to live in a cabin in the woods with no one else around. 

#13 I horde pens, and notebooks... Want to know the way to my heart? Don't buy me flowers, take a trip down the office/school supply isle instead!

#14 I could LIVE on hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes and chicken Alfredo. I know I said I love to cook, but honestly, I could make giant batches of those and live on them....

#15 I've wrote stories and rambled about the voices in my head for as long as I can remember.. I almost wonder why my mom didn't have me committed... then again she is a bookworm, so part of me feels as though she gets me.