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Monday, August 29, 2016

15 Facts about me

I took a look around pinterest and Instagram, and found some blog post topics I thought I would use!
 So over the next thirty days, i will be posting random blog posts! I hope you enjoy them!

#1 My life revolves around my kids, all three of them. Lewis is my youngest, at almost two, Emma is my oldest, she just turned 8, and then there's Kyle... AKA hubs. 

#2 I am indecisive, OCD, and Stubborn, but aside from that I'm a really easy person to get along with. 

#3 I delete negative things from my life. This is a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing. It's become something I do subconsciously. Example: Last weekend we went to Mohican, on Sunday we did the Arial adventures... I HATE heights, but I didn't realize how bad till I was standing on a rope, reaching for another, 20 feet above the ground... I was petrified. TOTALLY, I wanted down, and I thought it was bullshit! If it wasn't for my dad yelling at me from the other side, I would have given up... the thing about it now though, is I don't remember it. I couldn't tell you what I said, I couldn't tell you what was there, nothing, it's gone. Good/Bad I don't know.

#4 I watch at least ONE Harry Potter Movie a week. I don't sit and watch it always, but it plays in the background as I do other things. Obsessive.... Maybe.

#5. I LOVE being out in the woods, or in nature. I feel grounded, it recharges ever fiber of who I am. 

#6  I will read anything as long as it contains magic, or paranormal creatures. Now I will admit some SCI-FI Fantasy stories have made their way to by TBR list! 

#7 I am 25 years old. #FACT It's so funny to tell people my age. My friends and people I work for in the writing world never believe that I'm only 25, and they swear I am older... however in real life people tripple check my ID and don't believe I'm even 20.... I get carded EVERY time I do anything. 

#8 I LOVE cooking, I could cook all day, everyday. BUT on the flip side, I really don't like doing dishes.

#9 I married my high school sweet heart! 4/8/07 & 7/16/11

#10 The only holiday I decorate for is fall... Not Halloween FALL. It starts in September, and continues till the snow sticks.

#11 I can NOT stand the colors red and green together. They make me sick, it drives me crazy... EWE! (No this does not mean I don't like Christmas, I just don't like the colors... but Christmas is another rant all together!

#12 I would give up my life as I know it (power, internet, all the extras) to live in a cabin in the woods with no one else around. 

#13 I horde pens, and notebooks... Want to know the way to my heart? Don't buy me flowers, take a trip down the office/school supply isle instead!

#14 I could LIVE on hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes and chicken Alfredo. I know I said I love to cook, but honestly, I could make giant batches of those and live on them....

#15 I've wrote stories and rambled about the voices in my head for as long as I can remember.. I almost wonder why my mom didn't have me committed... then again she is a bookworm, so part of me feels as though she gets me. 

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